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Shaun Bailey is the man for London

If you have been living in London during Sadiq Khan’s term as Mayor since 2016, you will undoubtedly be unhappy with the direction Khan has dragged the city in. Whether you cannot find affordable housing or are worried about the horrific rise in violent crime, there has always been something to complain about since his election.

Let us take a look at three examples of Khan’s shocking record.

Firstly, Khan wants to raise the portion of council tax he is in charge of by 9.5%. Despite the fact that Khan has already risen this by 31% since he took office, he is intent on putting the tax up even more. Make no mistake – this is going to hit those earning lower-incomes, who have probably already been hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Secondly, and sadly, the homicide rate in London has reached a 10-year high during Khan’s time as mayor. Rather than attempting to be a figure of unity who can bring Londoners together and stamp out these heinous crimes, Khan has not shown any desire to address the issue of crime.

And thirdly, Khan plans to create a border around London and trying to get past this would mean paying a £5.50 entry fee. What about the ever-increasing number of people who simply cannot afford to live within the borders of London – again, an issue he has done nothing to remedy - but work in the City and will now have to pay this ridiculous fee?

He also increased the congestion charge from £11.50 to £15, and plans to keep it that way until at least October. Clearly Khan is happy to punish those who are simply trying to drive to work and earn a living, which will also disproportionately affect small businesses who rely on these workers who keep London’s economy thriving.

Fortunately, there is a man who is taking on Khan and wants to make London the great City it was before Khan stepped in. Shaun Bailey, the Conservative Party candidate for Mayor of London, has a 6-point plan for London.

He wants to reduce crime by hiring 8,000 police officers; balance TFL’s books, which Khan has managed to bankrupt; build new houses on land that Khan inexplicably refuses to touch; improve the quality of London’s air and expand the green belt; get more investment in London to create jobs and create a thriving economy; and to cut the cost of living, for example by reversing Khan’s congestion charge increase.

Shaun is a Londoner to the very core. Unlike Sadiq Khan, he wants to improve the lives of all Londoners, not simply his core voter base of metropolitan Blairites. So, when you enter that polling booth in May, playing your role in London’s democracy, choose the candidate who will restore London to the status it deserves. Choose Shaun Bailey.

And make sure you join us on the 28th of January for a very special conversation with Shaun on our platform!

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