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Our Team

Paul Rota - CEO

PaulRota (1).jpg

Paul is Chief Executive and Co-Founder of CFOC and has seen the organisation grow from a core team of two at its outset, to the diverse team we have today. He holds a BA in French and an MA in Applied Linguistics and is currently working for a Professional Services Firm in London. 

Sunil Sharma - COO


Sunil is the Chief Operating Officer at CFOC. He holds a BSc in Accounting & Finance and works within the financial services sector in London. He is actively involved in a number of projects with the Conservative Party. Sunil can regularly be seen on TV discussing political matters in particular on GB News, BBC & Talk TV.

Phoebe Sullivan - Development Director

Phoebe Sullivan.jpeg

Phoebe is the Development Director at CFOC. She has a BSc in International Politics, an MA in Global Diplomacy and currently works for a Public Affairs firm in London. She is active within the Conservative Party in South West Surrey, sitting on the executive committee within the local Conservative Association. Phoebe is also a Research Associate for The Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom.

Lois Toole - Outreach Officer


Joshua Forrester - Communications Officer

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