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100 days of Joe Biden with Michael Chertoff

Continuing on with our analysis of president Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office the Conservative Friends of the Commonwealth has held another in-depth conversation with Michael Chertoff.

Michael has had a distinguished legal and political career writing up to become a United States third circuit court judge, a federal prosecutor and the second head of the United States homeland security under President George Bush even co-authoring the Patriot Act. Since leaving political office he has also been involved in several projects for bipartisan security. While Michael has been a Republican supporter and even worked for the Republican President George Bush, Chertoff was critical of President Trump's candidacy for the Republican party and even endorsed his opponent the Democrat Hillary Clinton during the 2016 general elections.

Michael’s first point on Biden’s first 100 days is that the president’s main focus within office has been trying to increase the vaccination rate of the American population, eventually raising the vaccination rate up to 50%. President Biden must keep this steady progress increasing and also attempt to convince the anti-vaxxers who are either scared of the side effects of the vaccine or challenge the effectiveness of the vaccination itself. Michael also details how the real success of the covid-19 vaccination rollout is due to the federal government’s responsibility to locate and approve vaccines and then develop them and distribute them to each individual state.

Michael then explains that the second major problem that the Biden administration is going to face coming out of the pandemic is the economic difficulties that face the United States. He believes that to truly sustain this increasing economic rise shown by the stock market, the infrastructure bill which was mentioned last week by Robert Zoelick is a way for the United States to keep jobs within the United States and not externally.

Michael is also then asked to what extent has Joe Biden’s economic policy gone to the left or to the centrist approach many expect of him. Michael responds it’s tough but there are examples of more left leaning policies such as forgiving the United States student debts.

This is just a small snippet of the conversation that CFOC had with Michael Chertoff, if you’re interested to understand more about Michael’s opinions on the Biden administration with the topics already covered above, how the UK and US help struggling nations resist chinese intimidation and Joe Biden’s treatment of Russia, watch the rest of the conversation on the CFOC YouTube channel or our relevant streaming platform.

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